Soldier_Hiding_by_alexsanlyraI was hiding behind a wall. Enemies were firing from everywhere. Many of my fellow soldiers were already dead and the remaining men were falling in front of my eyes. With each fall I was losing courage. Then came a time where I had to decide whether to go forward and complete the mission given to me by the army to save my fellowmen who were now prisoner of war or to decline the orders and run away. This was the time to decide and I decided.

I regained my courage. I wanted to face my son like a hero not like coward. For me it would be better to die then to run away.

I came forward of that wall, fired furiously and ran towards the enemy. This was the time where all the lessons learnt in army are to be forgotten and believe in you. Believe in what you can do, believe in what you deserve and believe in your destiny.

After killing many of the strangers who are now my enemies because of no purpose, I captured one of the soldiers of other force.

“Where are they?” I was panting heavily while talking.

“Who?” he was panting more heavily than me may be because of fear of death.

“Prisoners of war.”

He directed the way to me. When I was walking with him I realised that from my army only I was left in the scenario. I had to rescue as fast as possible before the reinforcement of enemy’s army and rejoin my force that was waiting outside.

He took me to the stairs which leads underground.

“Down there you will find what you want. Please release me now?” he begged me.

I did what he begged and this was my mistake, big mistake.

I proceeded downwards, slowly and steadily. My gun was ready to fire at any moment. Suddenly I felt a foul smell, smell of dead humans. My heart was pounding heavily. Was the people for whom I did all this were dead? Was my mission failed?

Now I was at the bottom, I searched for my men. Frankly I was searching for their bodies. I had no hope of seeing them alive.

Suddenly someone tightly hold me from behind. I struggled and kicked him between legs. I turned and about to shoot but stopped. His uniform resembles to ours. Oh my god he was one of the fellow army men.

He told me where other POW were and how they were fighting underground and killing the enemies.

I found around 15 of our army men. We, without any plan just hiding and running towards the gate outside of which a helicopter was waiting to rescue us.

When we were very near to the exit gate, I saw the reinforcement coming behind us. It was impossible for us to run before they come. This was the time for the second decision, whether to run or to save my team. I choose the second option. I ordered my fellow men to run towards the helicopter. I was there to face enemies. It was impossible to fight those using bullets; I had to search another option. I opened the pin of every grenade I had and ran towards the enemy. They started firing on me.

The first bullet hit me on right side of my stomach; an image of son playing in field was in front of me. He is running towards me in joy. Then the second bullet on the left leg.

“Dad will you please teach me how to ride the bicycle?” his voice was coming in my ears from nowhere.

Then the third and fourth crossed my head.

“I will teach you, my son. I will……………………..”


One of the prisoners who were helped to escape by that soldier came to meet the son of that soldier. His son was of around 8 years old. He told him the story of his father and told him how he saved 15 lives on that day.

“He was the hero of the day, son, hero of the day.” He told to the soldier’s son.

“He was not the hero of the day, he was the hero of millennium.” His son started to cry…………………………………..


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