Quid est Veritas


cropped-author-photo5This beautiful poem is written by Norine Acevedo. Enjoy the poem and don’t forget to appreciate our guest writer by reviewing it.




Time has a way

Of calling back the days,

Of bringing to the heart

What’s true.

Glorious were those days!

The Sun seemed to always

Shine upon our happy Youth.


I see the Sun

Now dip behind the trees;

His light shines bright

No more.

The silver Moon,

High in the sky She climbs;

The Stars slip higher still.


Memory defined,

In the corner of my mind,

Remind me of Eternal Truth:

Someday the Sun

Will shine for me no more;

Woe for those left behind!

What will be said

Of glory days gone by?

How did I live my life?


The Sun, it sets;

The hour marches on;

The minutes, and seconds, too.

I see the Old

Grow cold in their desire.

I see my time

Pass, too.


All fades away

In the deep and darkening sky;

Nothing left to the eye.

Time has a way

Of taking all our days,

And leaving behind

the Truth.


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