Goa, the beaches of Goa are pathway to heaven and girls of Goa are angels of heaven. Truly speaking if you want to enjoy heaven on earth, come to Goa, take your seat, wear your sunglasses, and beneath the rays of sun enjoy staring these angels in bikini.


That scene of girls wearing bikini, those colorful hot bikinis will make you feel alive. I was happy that I was there, I was happy that I lived that moment.


I saw one group of girls, all wearing hot bikinis, were playing volleyball. Ah, I enjoyed every moment. With the noise of water, the girl’s laugh was mixing so melodiously, that I can’t express that in words. Their figure was like a fish’s figure. All the up’s and down’s of body been clearly visible through bikini they wore. Ah, what an engineering. I enjoyed every jump and dive of girls.


I was totally lost in their play, I mean in their body structure when their ball came near me. I took that ball in my hand and when I was about to throw that, I saw one girl running towards me to collect the ball. I remained paused for a moment, time slowed down. Her beauty stunned me. She was wearing a red hot bikini and the bikini was very tight. The bikini was finding it hard to hold her body organs when she was running towards me. Her left leg was landing towards her right and the right one towards the left. Gorgeous was the scene which I saw.


“Hey can I please have my ball back?” she smiled and got busy in adjusting her hairs.

Without saying a word I gave her the ball. What the f**k I just did? I should say something to her. She was running back when I called her.


“Hey, my name is Sunny.” I removed my sunglasses and smiled, full of confidence.

She turned back and said:

“Leena. My name is Leena.” And she returned back the smile. Her voice was damn hot. She stared me for a bit longer than usual and then returned back.


Now my attention was fully on Leena. How she jumps, how she dives, how she curse other players, how she laugh, how she adjusts her cloths, everything was under my observation.


After sometime she got tired and told others that she wanted some rest. She turned back and looked at me. She observed that I was observing her. She smiled. She came near me and sat with me on the next bench lying there.


I shyly looked her and saw that she was confidently looking directly in my eyes.


“Be a man, Sunny.” She said.




“You should look directly in my eyes, if you like me.”  Oh f**k, this all was embarrassing. I was still feeling shy to look at her even when I was wearing sunglasses. Still I was not looking at her.


She stood from her bench and sat on my bench; she removed my sunglasses and said:

“You have beautiful eyes.”

“And you have beautiful thighs, I….. I mean eyes. You too have beautiful eyes.”


She smiled and I smiled back. She came near to kiss me on cheeks. I closed my eyes and then.




“Kumbhkaran ki aulad. Kab uthega?”(Wake up, you idiot.)


I opened my eyes. Leena was still there but the beach was nowhere. She was looking me in anger. Slowly her thin face starts to increase in size. Her two piece bikini starts to increase in length and turned into a saree. Leena’s soft voice starts to gain bass. In short Leena starts to change in my mother.


“Don’t you have to go to school? It’s almost 7’ o clock and still this Aulad (son) don’t want to leave the bed………” Mom continued to curse me.


So all this was just a dream. Ah, life is not that simple. Don’t know how many years I have to wait more for that lovely time, for that lovely kiss. Well at least in dreams Leena is with me.


“Are kanjad ab to bistar chhod de………” (You idiot, at least now, wake up) My mom continued.        


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