The Heart Locker

The Heart Locker

“Camera roll in 3. . . 2. . . 1. . .”
The train starts off with a whistle. My eyes start searching for my target but today I am not focused. Maybe because this could probably be my last stunt. I shouldn’t be doing this anymore. According to the doctor I should be resting at home enjoying the moments, the moments left!

I don’t even know what is it called? The doctor says that it’s some sort of cardio-disorder, that my heart can stop anytime, any moment without any warning. For me it’s funny as I am on  lines of war with life since my teenage. So why fear now?

The train coming from the other side whistles as it enters my line of sight. The director shouts “Ready?” from behind but I don’t reply because I am always ready. I look back at him; his body is all red covered in burning flames of hell. The horns on his head are shining & he’s rotating the trident in his hand. With a sly smile & a wickedly moving tail he shouts again, “Ready?”
I raise my thumb to comply with him. My eyes search back for my target which was moving closer. I can feel my heartbeat gradually rising with passing time. It can’t betray me now! I can’t stop now!

The train crosses, I jump. It’s all in slow motion now. The heartbeat, it’s gone. All I could hear were the camera clicks. My eyes shut, I land; back against the wall. All the sounds starts fading away;, the camera clicks, the cheering, the moving train sound all fading away. And all I could hear was :
“Dhak. . . Dhak Dhak. . . Dhak Dhak. . . Dhak. . Dhak. . . Dhak. . . . Dhak. . . . . Dhak. . . . . ”


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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