1322931530_1361539388.gif“We are loosing her…… One more shock.” My body responded to that electric shock but because my soul has lost the body, I was still dead. Doctor’s voices were slowly getting rejected by my ears and flash back of my life was now in front of my eyes.

“I am waiting for you outside in the car, do come.” I read the slip, he sent to me. I was getting ready for my wedding with him. We were about to spent whole life together but he wanted more time with me. Somehow I escape the crowd and reached to his car.


“If someone saw us like this I’ll be dead.” I said to Raj.

“Don’t worry; I’ll join you in the heaven.” He said.


“I have plans for our honeymoon. I want to visit my birthplace with you. The whole month there just you and………………”




I was thrown out of a misbalanced car and hit the divider. The last scene, I remember was her moist, red, swollen eyes, trying to come near me.


“I want to go back to Raj.” I told to the heavenly figure standing in front of me. Maybe he was the God.

“But your time has come, Shikha.” He replied.

“I can’t live without him.”

“You are already dead.”

I cried as loud as I can.

“Heaven is ready for you….” He said and left.

“Let’s try one more time….. 3-2-1… GO….” My heart jumped back from a long sleep.

“Pulses are back…. Heart is responding. That’s a MIRACLE.”

I heard that doctor’s were discussing about my lost legs outside the ward to Raj. He cried, I cried. Then he came in, wearing the fake smile. I too responded with the fake one.

He then hugged me. He hugged me as strong as he could. We both cried this time. No fake smile, nothing. Just a true feeling, that everything will be fine.

“Heaven is ready for you.” I remembered the god’s last words. Thank you God……   


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