At last the moment came for which I was waiting for so long. I rushed to grab my webcam because I want to hold this moment with me for rest of my life; I want this moment to remain in front of my eyes ever.

He was trying to stand on his feet, wow. My son Gaurav was about to take his first step independently on the floor. This is the most amazing scene for any mother in this world and this feeling brought tears in my eyes.

He first stands still for a while, gave a look to me, smiles by showing his newly came front teethes and then strikes his first leg on to the ground. When he lifts his second leg, he starts to loose balance; my heart starts to beat harder. Gaurav rushes towards me just like a toy car which has loosened his control.

I grabbed my baby with happiness and hoped that he will remain with me just like now……………………….


“Mom, I have filled all the required entries.” I listened to Gaurav quietly. “And I will visit you frequently.” He was feeling embarrassed, I knew that. Who will like to stand with his mother in an old age home? After the death of my husband, I was a kind of burden on him and his carrier. The cruel looks of other oldies, like me, was killing him. He wanted to leave the place as soon as possible.

He said bye, and moved back. My heart called him several times but he didn’t look back. My heart called his name for the last time and he looked back. He came near me and said, “I have left my contact number here, if you need anything just call me.” That last sentence of him made my tears to flow down. I wanted to say that ‘I need you’ but there was no one to listen. I watched him leave the room.

I wept a lot that night. After that I took the webcam again and watched my Gaurav, not my 25 years old Gaurav but my 25 months old Gaurav, still searching for his mother’s hug, her mother’s love……………….


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