Waiting for a bus to Noida at Kale Khan Bus stand sometimes becomes really painful. But we should thank god for making a very good time pass for boys, staring girls. I was busy in enjoying this blessing of god while standing there. I was busy in rating girl’s view. Firstly I saw a girl from back. She was looking great, I rated her 8 out of ten but when she turned that 8 became 5. Then my eyes fall on another girl. She was 9 for me.


This all ended with the arrival of my bus. I picked up my luggage and ran in full speed to fetch a seat in the bus but all ended in vain and all seats got occupied. The bus having the capacity of 50 was filled with 100. There was no space left in between two person standing adjacently. I was struggling to stand properly and in the meanwhile from nowhere came the conductor. I gave him the money and finally got myself settled properly.

In no time I again started to work on the god’s blessing and started my search seat by seat. There was only one girl and she was the one I rated 10. Gorgeous was her look, splendid was her dressing sense and marvelous was her style. My eyes were watching a goddess in that girl. Generally my eyes don’t stare a girl for more than a glimpse but this time my eyes were behaving differently.

She was sitting on a window seat; her hairs were blowing in air as if wind was fighting to touch her. She was feeling uncomfortable with her hairs but wasn’t closing the window.

Suddenly she stood from her seat and started to struggle to make her way out of the bus. Slowly she was coming to my position as I was standing near the gate. After some time she was just near me. Her eyes caught my act of staring her, so I broke the eye contact. Then she passed my position, while doing this her hand touches my leg. Oh, I was in heaven. Then she boarded out of the bus.

I was sad. I don’t know why but this was happening with me for the first time. Is that what people call ‘Love at first sight’? I don’t know?

When I was thinking all that someone shouted in bus “Conductor Saab, stop the bus. Someone has stolen my mobile.” Then another sound came “Oh shit, my purse also gone. Check all the passengers. Stop the bus”. In the meanwhile many passengers shouted and informed about their purses and mobiles. I searched for my purse and even my purse was gone.

Then the checking started. Passenger’s belongings were with nobody. Then I recalled that the only passenger who gone out was that girl. That means that girl was the thief. That means my first “Love” was a ……………………


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