Insensitive India

Written By : Shivam Singh


Is rape all about inhuman aspects of certain individuals? Is it simply driven by lust? Or it has more to do with mental retardation? All these questions erupted four months ago, when a medical student was fatally raped by a gang of goons. They went unanswered for long but it seems they are plausibly answered today, by an equally spine chilling rape of a five year old girl. So was that driven by lust? Or humanity failed to distinguish a small child in eyes of that pervert?
What India as a whole has lost are emotions, sensitivity towards other’s pain. What made that rascal brutally assault the five year old kid was nothing but a larger manifestation of this insensitivity that actually all of us carry. For instance, if we see a guy dying on the road, in blood and gore we will respond by a few mumbles of sympathy and at the most a prayer for his soul to rest in peace for when he dies lying on the road in that awful condition. If we being among the genteel and educated class in India practice such kind of insensitivity then it’s obviously unwise to expect a rogue pervert to restrain from his satan like cruelty.
The same insensitivity was evident when ACP Bani Singh Ahlawat slapped the girl protester after being aggravated by the incessant protest. So what was the surprise for? We carry similar traits in our souls in different proportions; we are one amongst the insensitive civilization that India has lately developed.
Gandhi JI famously said “be the change you want to see in the world”. Its right to raise voice against the wrongs and it’s our right to protest against the same. But if this highly motivated and young generation of our beloved country wants something to actually change, then that has to come from within, if we abandon the smaller scars in our being, and begin to turn sensitive towards other’s pain then automatically the larger sins in this society will perish to null. So let’s not just raise our voice, let’s make our voice stronger by being more human in this country of Gods.


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

2 thoughts on “Insensitive India”

  1. our society is sinking really low. we will have to do something to uplift it, or else people will soon start saying that the last actual hero (i mean big one, like vivekananda or bhagat singh) was born under british rule!


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