Killing Me Softly

Killing me Softly
Following her footsteps like a juvenile

Walking each course, counting every mile

Adapting, conforming, adjusting to every phase

Dressing every scene comporting her ways

From hearty czar-dom to a lackey’s grade

Reliving each memory before they fade

Subsiding every moral, breaking any rule

Kneeling afore your love, loosing against your tool

Yet I keep loving you wildly and madly

While your love is killing me softly

czar-dom : king’s life/king’s status


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

10 thoughts on “Killing Me Softly”

  1. love is the only pit where we love falling 😀 …. it is one mystery which thrills .. gives us chills and then kills…. 🙂 loved the entire post – i suppose you have done that drawing?


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