The clock was showing 5 in the morning when I left my bed and started to study for my graduation exams. I was sitting on my study table and in front of me was a window, through which a beautiful scene came into my eyes. When little light starts to come out behind the horizon, the beautiful garden of Mr. Patel comes in front of me. Mr. Patel was an old man and he daily worked in his garden.

 That day around 6 in the morning Mr. Patel came out of his home and as a daily routine starts to water the plants. He was working in the garden when I saw a beggar coming from far away street. It took him around half an hour to reach Mr. Patel. He stopped there and was asking something from him. Mr. Patel gestured the beggar to go from there and he started to work again in his garden.

Beggar was still standing there. After sometime the beggar started to move forward to Mr. Patel’s garden. Mr. Patel got furious to see the beggar coming in his garden. He shouted on beggar, “I told you go away from here.” After that Mr. Patel pushed the beggar hard which made the beggar fell and his head stroked on a stone.

Mr. Patel got tensed, even I got tensed. The beggar was dead, I thought. Mr. Patel holds the beggar’s leg high and started pulling him. He left the body of the beggar on the street and rushed to his home and closed the door. Mr. Patel thought that no one knows about that incident but I was the eye witness.

 After some hours police came and took the body away and thought the death of the beggar was an accident. I also kept my lips shut.


 I was giving tuitions at home when I saw him again. I rushed towards the window. The same beggar, I saw coming through the streets and go directly inside the house. I got scared. I saw a dead man walking. Has he came back to take his revenge?

I told students to go back and rushed to Mr. Patel’s house. Mr. Patel knew me as his neighbor but this was the first time I was going to his house.

I pressed the bell. Mr. Patel came out. He looked a bit confused to see me but greeted me nicely. He took me inside. Then I came to know that his daughter has just given birth to a boy. They where fighting for the name of the child and the fight finished with the name ‘Akshit’. They gave me sweets.

“Mr. Patel, I saw someone coming to your home from the door behind. He was looking like a beggar. So I thought that he was in to steel something. That’s why I thought that I should inform you about that.” I said what I saw.

They searched the whole house but found nothing.

“May be a mistake of mine. Sorry.” I said and left.


I saw Akshit playing on the roof of his house from the window. He has settled the empty cans on the corner of the roof and was trying to knock the cans down by striking stone on them from the distance of 3 or 4 feets. All the cans were falling in garden which I knew will make Mr. Patel angry.

When Akshit was busy in his task I saw that Mr. Patel came out of the house. He was looking very old. He was shaking when coming down of stairs.

In the mean time Akshit knocked a can down which hit on Mr. Patel’s head and he fell in his garden. He died. Akshit was still busy in playing. He didn’t see anything. He was unaware of what happened.

After two three days I saw Mr. Patel’s daughter running furiously in morning on the street and her husband was running behind her. Tension started to build in me. I ran on street and asked Mrs. Patel’s husband what happened.

“Akshit is missing.” He said and hired a taxi to police station.

I turned and started to move towards my home when a man draws my attention. He was him, the beggar. I saw him coming out of Mr. Patel’s house. This was the first time I saw him clearly. He was staring me directly inside my soul.

Then he gave a smile to me and went again from where he first came. He disappeared in nowhere. Then I understood everything. I wanted to tell all this to Mr. Patel’s daughter and wanted them to stop searching for Akshit because Akshit has returned from where he came.


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