The Con Who Loved Me

The con who loved me

I jumped over the brawny fence to square him on the next street. But he was way too fast to be trapped that way. I tried to match his agility and followed his lead. Just a little faster and there he was, in my grip. He took a sharp left & I swayed my hand. Missed by inches! I regained balance & rushed again in his direction. Left-Right, Right-Left, many more turns but I knew where we were heading. A quick right and there he was , facing the wall. A dead end!

He turned around & drew his gun. I wasn’t prepared for that but I reacted. A drop of sweat ran down his right eyebrow. His finger reached for the trigger. Our eyes met for the one last time and. . . . .BANG!

One hour later. . .

The heavy sounds of ambulance and police vehicles covered the lonely street. Every officer was busy investigating the crime scene. I was sitting silently in the far corner of the street covered in a blanket. Yes I was cold! I dislocated the bullet casing from my gun. Tears rolled down my eyes as I looked below. . . . .Six slots, Six bullets.


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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