Blaze of Terror

blaze of terrorHe uneasily moved ahead cleaving the crowd of the busiest area in the market. His face was obscured by the long hood of his black jacket which was awkwardly looking loose on him. His eyes were red and wet. Everything around him was moving slow. He was feeling alone even in that huge crowd. He observed the place. It was just perfect for the execution of their plan. He was asked to do this for his religion, for their identity. They were training him since when he was just 10 years old. He was taught to kill people, humanity. Every time he put up the weapon he had to fight with himself, with his circumstances. His father couldn’t afford a better life for him. His greatest desire, of being educated, was abolished, sometimes, by poverty and sometimes by terror. His childhood exploited in learning terror and now adulthood was being squandered in spreading it.

Time had arrived it could not wait any longer. He had to pull the trigger. He put his hand in pocket of his jacket.  Everything was going as they had planned. His story was about to end with the lives of many. He noticed the people around him and the hope in their eyes. They wanted to live, to play, and to enjoy their life like he wanted to do. He could not bear the guilt of killing all those innocent people. Something inside him was changing… changing so fast that he couldn’t cope up with it. He started to shiver, started to sweat. His hands were cold and weak enough to pull the trigger. He was about to fall on the road but suddenly he collected his mind and started running… for his life and for others.


 Seventy injured in Bangalore blast
 Bangalore is shaken once again with blaze of terror. A huge bomb blast took place in the crowded area of the market. The chief officer was quoted as saying by press, “As of now we do not know what material is used in making the bomb but by the guidance of the forensic report it is clear that blast was originated from a man present in the market. In the last moments of explosion he was seen running from the place of the blast but on his way out of the market someone triggered the bomb by the wireless remote control. Further investigations are still to be done. All the people are suggested to remain in peace.” 


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