“I am sick of meeting like this with you, sandy.” Ananya said to me while we were sitting on a corner seat of a coffee shop far away from our city.

“Baby, we have to do this otherwise our whole plan will be destroyed.” She was about to cry but this was not the time to get emotional. I took her chin in my hand and forced her to see directly in my eyes, “Listen here, we cannot let our plan go in vain. We have to stick to our plan.”

“But how many years more Sandy? We are meeting like this for more than 2 years now. How many years more you want to kill………” I shut her mouth using my hand.

“Slowly.” I showed all my anger through my eyes to her. “Do you want to be caught by police before we do anything?” she started sobbing. I consoled her. “Baby, just listen to me. On this coming Friday I will kill my wife. I will kill Sandhaya.” I sneaked all around while talking. “I will make this murder look like an accident so that the money of insurance of my wife can easily come to us. It’s the plan of 2 crore, darling. Can you imagine, 2 crores.” I stressed a lot on 2 crores.


“Sir this was an accident. Our investigators have done their job.” One of the insurance company’s employ said to the head of the company.

“OK, then dispatch the money and remember to put a letter with it for consolement. It’s a very hard time for Mrs. Sandhaya”, Officer said.

“But sir, our investigators couldn’t find out anything about that girl with Mr. Sandy who died with him in that car accident.”


“Maam your husband had a policy in our insurance company. So this is your cheque of 2 crores. I am sorry maam I cannot heal your wounds but I can only give this.” He was standing on the door and I was sobbing. He gave me the cheque and left. I closed the door, looked at the cheque and then a smile took over my tears.

I started thinking of my husband, my foolish husband. He thought that he can only make plans. I knew from the first day he thought of this. He had affair with a girl and thought that his wife, his typical Indian wife will never know about it. How foolish.

Now this is called a PLAN.


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