the last journey

I hadn’t seen this beauty of nature before nor would i see in long future. Sun was going down the lap of horizon as if it was bidding goodbye to me. Birds were going to their nests, reminding me to reach at home as soon as possible because I always misinformed my child that stubborn boy’s father never come to home early. Cool wind was smashing my face so hard that I wasn’t sure I would be there for my next breath. First time I felt suffocated in this amount of air. I closed my eyes but the next moment I opened them because this might be my first and last chance to witness this loveliness of nature and I didn’t want to miss it.

Being a skydiver, decreasing distance of earth should have filled you with ecstasy. But if you have an inoperative parachute, increasing height of sky would threaten you to death. I was parting from this world as I was parting from the sky. With the great impact of the earth I departed this life.


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