Murder on Lexington Street

Murder on Lexington Street

Walking past the pavement I realized something was wrong. The road ahead was unusually crowded and the lights beamed in the shallow night. My eyes crossed a speeding vehicle. The red-blue lights flickered and the horn blared vigorously. Suppressing my booming anxiety I asked a gentleman what it was all about. To my utter shock I came to know that there had been a murder on the next street.

I was three blocks away from my house. The unusual news triggered my speed and I paced towards my house. My mind was a little disturbed and I stumbled into a big guy coming from the other direction. He was one BIG hooded figure and seemed to be in a hurry so he moved on although I apologized. As he didn’t cared, i moved on.

Soon I was standing before my front gate calming my breath. I felt relaxed & reaching for my keys moved on to open the gate. I gasped at the sight of it! How the hell? My right hand was covered in blood without a single scratch on it!


Author: Danger DX

The one who got spirited away.

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