In previous part Raj and Shikha loved each other. Raj faces an accident and losses his memory. He leaves Shikha and got married to someone else. Shikha also married to someone. Shikha becomes writer and somehow Raj contacts Shikha after reading her novel. They again fall in love but this relationship doesn’t harm their previous ones. Now Raj was about to die and calls Shikha. Somehow Girish (son of Raj) calls Shikha and request her to come.

PART 2 OF The Search….

Girish was a tall and handsome boy but a little worried one, maybe because of his father, or mother, or me.

We reached home. An old yet beautiful lady opened the door. She watched me for some time with an expressionless face. She had thousands of questions but didn’t ask a single one. She took me to Raj’s room and left the room. Now I was alone in the room with my Raj.

This was the first time I was watching my love after a very long time. I had enormous feelings inside me. I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry, I wanted to dance, I wanted to feel shy, I wanted to touch, I wanted to kiss, I wanted to shout, I wanted to do everything I can.

Raj was lying unconscious on the bed. He had turned weak. I took a chair and sit next to his bed. I took his hand in my hand. This was my first touch with the new Raj. Magical was the moment. I said to him that now I am here, I am near you Raj but he didn’t listen anything. I put my head on his shoulder and concentrated.

What happened after that can’t be explained using science. If you believe science, you will not believe me. But I am sure if you believe me, you will believe the love.

I was there. It was very dark there. I shouted his name. No reply came. I concentrated a bit more and then called his name. The darkness started to disappear, and the area got lightened.


Raj was there, standing and waiting. I called his name, “Raj”. He saw me, he recognized me. He wanted to move but can’t move at all. I ran towards him. I touched him, he felt me. He cried, I rubbed his tears. I hugged him, I kissed him.


“Where were you going?” I said. He didn’t reply.


“You cannot do this. You have to live Raj. For your Wife, your son and…… and me.” I continued.


“Do you remember this?” I gave him the ring which he gave me (through Parcel) as a remembrance of our love. “I will meet you again here and then you will put this in my finger and make me yours.”


“I will wait for that moment dear, I will wait.” His magical voice was a treat to listen after a very long period.


We came out of our world. Raj was about to open his eyes. I don’t want him to see me here so I rushed out of the room. His wife was staring me, she was tensed.

“Don’t tell him that I came here and don’t worry he’ll be fine.” I said and felt the relief in her eyes. I looked back once and left.



I opened my eyes. My eyes searched for Shikha but she was not there. I called my wife; she came in and hugged me. I saw my son also coming in. I cursed myself for even thinking to leave them alone. I hugged my son. He started crying.

“Don’t worry son, I will not leave you so early.” I said and all started to smile.

I asked my wife to cook something delicious. I wanted to eat, to live, to enjoy my life. But there was a question going on in my mind. I asked my son:

“Girish, did someone come to see me when I was unconconcious?”

“No…No Papa.”

Then my eyes fell on the table lying next to me. There were two rings kept on it. One was of mine and other….

She was here………….

I hide my tears when I say your name,

 But the pain in my heart is still the same.

 Although I smile and seem carefree,

 There is no one who misses u more than me.


Under the shadow of the tree when the sun was at its maximum height, Shikha laid her head on the lap of Raj. Raj was playing with the hair locks of Shikha and Shikha was enjoying every moment of it.

Suddenly Shikha got up from the previous position and said:

“I think this is the time to thank him.”  Raj wasn’t listening to her; he was only watching her lips moving. It was like wind was flowing and the petals of rose were dancing on the rhythm of it.

“Raj…….. Raj I am talking to you. Are you listening me?” Raj took her in arms and brings her lips closer enough to kiss but then he remembers something. Yes the lights. He orders the moon to come up and sun to go down, so that they can make love in moonlight.

Up in the heaven God receives their thanks from Raj and Shikha’s side for making a new world for them. Just for them. God smiles and creates one more Raj and Shikha in our world……………..

** Poetry part are taken from different internet sources.


3 thoughts on “SEVEN AGES – THE END”

  1. Though I have read only this part but I can imagine that the previous parts must have been written in the same manner. this one is beautifully penned and I liked the climax it takes the imagination of reader immediately to a new dimension.


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