“Should I go or not?” His mind was occupied fully with this question. He was standing there in front of that street; alone in the dark. Finally, slowly he took his first step. He was trying to divert his mind by saying ‘Ghosts doesn’t exist’ but he knew that it will not work. With shivering legs he forwarded towards his fear.

Street lights started playing the ghostly game with him by making his numerous shadows walking with him. Now he was afraid of his own shadow. He was turning back with his each step to see who’s following him as he had a fear of someone watching him from behind and only thing which he finds was his own shadows.

He was at the end of the street now and getting a bit relaxed now but suddenly fear came again and got filled in his every nerve. At the end of the street there was a big wall. The street was a dead end. It was not possible because he have seen the other side of the street and there was no such wall.

He forwarded towards the wall and with him his shadows also moved. Now slowly the shadows moved in front of him. It was looking as if the shadows were getting attracted by the wall.

Now he was standing in front of the wall. Wall was getting lightened by the street lights behind him. Only the portion of his shadow was dark. He forwarded his hand to touch the wall. But there was nothing. He was now fully terrified. He moved back because of fear and fell on road. His head stroked a stone and blood started to flow down.

He looked by again at the wall, his shadow was still there. It didn’t move. Slowly the wall disappeared only his shadow was standing there. Now the shadow forwarded toward him, he got terrified to see this and died of heart attack.

NEWSPAPER of the next morning

A drunken man was found dead on the ‘Haunted Street’. He got terrified to see a man there and behaved awkwardly which made the other man feel that he was the ghost but after sometime the drunken man fall on the road and died of heart attack.



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