“If you will help others, god will help you and always believe in god.” My father said. He was a rich jamidar (Who owns land and gives that land to poor farmers for farming and enjoys heavy profit) of our village.

“But how will he help me daddy?” I was just 6 years old when I asked him this question.

He replied my question with a smile. I never understood what that smile meant.


“What did the doctor said?” I asked my wife.

“Our child is dead. Again.” She said. This was the second time, the second miscarriage. She kept her head on my chest and cried. I didn’t cry. Just looked up to see my father in heaven and then I smiled with tears in my eyes.

I am Gopi and I am a servant. My father had huge lands in village but we lost everything in a fraud. Our relative took all we had. My father died because of that and we were ripped of everything.


“Gopi, clean that carpet also. Anita has grotted that too.” Owner of the house in which I worked, Suman, said. She was the cashier in a local bank. Anita was her little daughter. Suman was a widow. Her husband died in a car accident.

“I am going to the hospital to meet doctor.” She took Anita with her and left.

I started cleaning the carpet. While cleaning it I sensed something beneath that carpet. I lifted that and saw a piece of marvel which had a handle to lift. I lifted that and saw an iron box beneath that marvel.

A strange fear grabbed me. I started to sweat heavily. A strange vibe can be sensed all around me.

Slowly I opened that box; my eyes didn’t believe what I saw. Inside that box were jewelleries of gold, diamond and precious stones. My eyes sparkled and my mind started to think dirty.

Was this the way of god to help me? Is this the reward for my kindness and efforts? Is this what my father always told me? A river of questions started to flow inside my head.

Should I or should I not? My hand started to question my mind. I swapped my head, cleared the sweat and decided to take the box with me.


“Are you mad Gopi? They will put you in jail.” My wife cried on me when I showed her the box.

“They didn’t know about this money, else they would never allow me to even touch that carpet.” I grabbed her in my arms and shook her.

“Then whose jewellery is this?”

“This must be of that old couple who lived there before Suman Mam. They were very rich. This box must be of them.”

“No Gopi. This…. This is not good. I don’t want this money which doesn’t belong to us. You…. Please you go and return this to them. This belongs to them. That home belongs to them, so all the things lying there also belong to them.”

“No. I will not refuse what the god is giving us. He has already done so much injustice with us and now when he is giving something to us so u………”

She took my head in both of her soft palms and while sobbing she said:

“For my sake, please…….please return this.”

I kept on looking in her eyes. I had nothing to say.


Suman Mam started to cry. She was thanking his god and was crying. She thanked me hundreds of times.

“Gopi I can’t tell you how much happiness you have given to me.” She said and I listened her with an expressionless face. I can’t even bear a fake smile on my face at that time.

“You saved my child, Gopi.” She confused me this time. “My child Anita has a hole in her heart. Doctors were asking 1.5 crore for the operation.”

I left their house and felt so much relieved. I saved her life. The tears of happiness flowed through my eyes.


“Ram, my son will be known as Ram, on the name of his grandfather.” My wife said.

“If you will help others, god will help you and always believe in god.” My father said.

“But how will he help me daddy?”

My father just smiled whenever I asked this question. I never understood what he meant. But today I know.

I looked up in the heaven and smiled.



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