4th installment of the series Seven Ages…..

The car hit me so hard that I fell on road after taking three bounces. Sudden immense pain took over all my senses in control. Then slowly my mind started dreaming, dreaming of her; Shikha.


My eyes were slowly shutting down. The last scene I remember was of opening of gates of car. From the driving seat, a well suited worried man came out and from other seat Shikha came out.


I smiled after seeing her, she cried after seeing me………………………


2 years later………

Evening, the most beautiful time of the day. This is the time from when you start to think of yourself. I loved to sit in the children’s park in evening and see smiles on everyone’s faces. I have learnt a lot in some days, one of which is, you always try to search the thing in other’s life, which you are deprived of! Maybe the same thing I was doing there.

Today also I was following the same routine in evening. I took my favorite bench and got lost in children’s play. Suddenly a plastic ball landed on my feet. I took it in my hand and saw a beautiful girl of age about 5 or 6 came running towards me asking for the ball. She was really cute.

“Can I have my ball please?” She said in a very babyish voice. Oh, she was damn cute.

“No, you cannot have it unless you tell me your name.”

“First you give me my ball, then I will tell you my name.” she knew this game. She was a smart child.

I gave her ball. She started running backwards when I took her hand to stop her.

“Hmmm….. Cheating, tell me your name now.” I was feeling good to talk with someone after a long time. I had a smile on my face as well as on my weeping heart.


Smile vanished after hearing the name. I let her go. My heart’s wounds again got green after hearing this name. This name has taken away everything from me. Every night I see nightmares of this girl; every day I wonder why this name brings live flashes in front of my eyes. WHO THE HELL IS SHIKHA?????

On the day of accident……

2 years back (From writer’s view)

Shikha and her father took Raj to the hospital. He was critical. After several hours, doctors came out of Operation Theatre with the news that Raj is now alright but because of head injuries he had lost his memory.

When Raj refused to know Shikha, Shikha felt totally broken inside. Her father decided to take her away from Raj for the betterment of both and in the mean while Raj’s parents took Raj to London, so that Raj could start everything from new point.

But this eternal love story will not end like this………

Though everything looks to be perfect,

There’s still something lost.

What I have done so wrong,

That it seems that I am paying the cost…


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