Third installment of Seven Ages- The Series….. ENJOY!!!

(Beginning of SEVEN AGES- THE LOST)

“I love you.” I said to Shikha while lying on floor of the back stage of our college with her. We both were tired so were just relaxing after everyone was gone. We were the organizers of the drama society of our college.

When I noticed that she didn’t respond to what I just said, I took her hand and pressed it with passion and again said, “I love you, Shikha.”

“I know that, Raj.” She took a pause. She was totally not in mood. “But my parents still are unaware of that.”

Now I came to know the reason behind this ‘not in mood drama’. She was still angry on me for not going to his father to talk about our relationship. Shikha loved her father a lot so she doesn’t want to hide anything from her father. She wanted me to talk with him. Although she had already convinced her father for our relationship but he wanted to meet me for once and I was really scared of it, so I always try to dodge over it.

Shikha knew that now her overacting can destroy the mood of both of us, so she finally speaks. “Hey Raj, he just want to talk to you, nothing else.” She was talking in a tone just like you speak to your dog. She continued, “Be a man, Raj. He’s not going to bite you.” She slapped me in fun and started to run. I was behind her………


“Hello sir. I am Raj. I love your daughter sir.” No this is not working.

“Hello sir. I am Raj. I and Shikha, we both love each other. We can’t live without each other.” Too filmy.

“Pranam pitaji……….” Pitaji, who the hell talk like that?

Even the mirror was tired now. If he could, he would have definitely killed me for those rehearsals.


“What the f**k?” these shitty sentences always comes out from your mouth when you try to become over smart. I was standing in front of Shikha’s door; I wanted to give her surprise that I was ready to meet her father but I myself got surprised to see a big lock hanging on her door.

“Where are you?” I called her. She told that they were in a restaurant and were coming back. I sat on the stairs in front of her house.

I was cursing myself when I realized that night is not a good time to meet to the father of your girlfriend. In the mean while I heard a glass fell inside Shikha’s house. I tried to sneak peak though window of her house. I found that some people were inside her house. Thieves, I thought. I thanked god for this opportunity. What a nice way to meet future father in law.

I was planning to attack thieves when I heard a scream from someone’s house. “Chor, chor………”, then the same voice from other house. I was confused how they can see the thieves from such a distance.

Now slowly, slowly the clouds of confusion started to move away from my mind when I saw dozens of men running in my direction. “What the…..” I was the thief for them.

My brain ordered me to run; forget about the real thief, forget about meeting future father in law, just run to save your life.

I knew that I have screwed everything. I was just running furiously down the street till I met an accident………

The car hit me so hard that I fell on road after taking three bounces. Sudden immense pain took over all my senses in control. Then slowly my mind started dreaming, dreaming of her; Shikha.


My eyes were slowly shutting down. The last scene I remember was of opening of gates of car. From the driving seat, a well suited worried man came out and from other seat Shikha came out.


I smiled after seeing her, she cried after seeing me………………………





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