TODAY I will tell you the secrets of painting your Imagination…………….

Step number 1 – Take the betel leaf in hand, fold it in style, open your mouth like you are going to mimic the lion’s roar and put the leaf in the far corner of your mouth.

Then the Step number 2 – Chew the stuff in your mouth with passion. Chew it like the world’s going to end after this. Chew it like it’s your last paan for this birth. Now when your mouth has fully reached the level of its capacity, go to step 3.

So here comes the most important step, Step number 3 – Put a V shaped finger gesture on your lips, fold your upper lip in such a way that you spit the longest distance. Now you know the secret of spitting. Spit here and spit there and then spit everywhere. Help India in becoming the red society.

‘Ye India hai aur hum hai Indians, we are free to spit anywhere.’ This has become the thinking of common man. Chew it, and ‘paint your imagination’ through paan. I think paan has become the biggest competitor for Berger paints.

If you go to visit any government office you will see very talented paan spitters. Years and years of practice paan spitting have made them a very rare species on this planet, rare because their accuracy beats the highest in Olympics. I think there should be a competition in Olympics regarding paan spitting, so that India can win at least one gold every time.

Please stop this nuisance of spitting. We have been given such a beautiful planet to live, full of different colors. Please don’t paint it red!



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