“Now, children follow me.” Said middle aged woman to the bunch of children in school uniform of age group below 10 years, maybe she was the teacher of those children. All the children slowly started to follow her. In the background a sweet, slow music was running which sometimes fades and a beautiful voice of a lady announces, “Welcome to the History museum” and again the music resumes.

“Children please, now have a look at this picture.” That woman grabbed the attention of children and showed a portrait on the wall. “This lady’s name is Ria. Some people say that she was able to see the future. Many scientists worked on her ability and tried to find out the reason behind this ‘Future Philosophy’ but everything failed when she died.”

One boy from the crowd of children asked, “How did she die?”

Firstly the teacher hesitated to say anything but after a while she said, “Look at your back, that window. She jumped down from that window. This museum was once her own house.” Boy stared on that window…………

Boy faded, and slowly the children, that woman, the whole museum faded. Lights got replaced by darkness and the music by quietness. The only thing Ria can listen was her fast beating heart.

Ria was standing on that window, ready to end this curse, by ending this miserable life. She regained her breath and said, “Please leave me alone, I don’t want to see these future dreams. At least let me die in peace.” Tears started to flow down her cheeks. She rubbed those water droplets, gained strength, and jumped down. She was in the mid air when…………

Building from where she jumped faded, trees faded and finally she herself faded.

Ria opened her eyes on bed. “How many times will you show me this same dream?” She screamed while catching her breath again. “I am not a coward, understand. You took everything from me but can’t take my courage back. I will fight you, I will fight my destiny………….”


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